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marketing in china tips

At Adsmith, we have spent the last 12 years honing our marketing skills in China. This guide is a product of what we have learned, observed, and put into practice ourselves. We provide you with tips on how to set up a legal website in China, and build up a relevant social media presence.

6 mistakes marketers make in China

Marketing in China vs. the US or Europe is very different. A copy and paste campaign will not work here—and we will show you why. From making a good impression at your first China trade show, to translating your message into Chinese, this ebook will help you avoid easy-to-make mistakes.

wechat B2B marketing

WeChat is the most popular social network in China, and should be a strong part of your China marketing strategy. This guide is tailored to giving B2B marketers the information they need in order to set up and maintain a successful B2B WeChat account.

Brand strategy guide China

Business in China moves fast, and developing the proper brand strategy is vital to ensuring your brand’s continued growth in this market. This ebook is designed to give you an idea of how Adsmith helps brands position themselves and create targeted messaging for the China market.

WeChat Tips

This video aims to give you a better understanding of the WeChat backend, the functionality and limits of the app, as well as giving you guidelines to follow in terms of post frequency, content and examples of effective WeChat posts. Our China marketing experts outline their most important tips and tricks for marketing on WeChat in this short video.

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Adsmith China WechatWeChat is the most popular social network in China. Whether it is messaging friends or posting moments, WeChat is how Chinese people talk to each other and how businesses talk to their customers. Scan this QR code now and join the Adsmith conversation.

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